Important information! Please read studio rules.


   We do not make tattoos:

  • for under-age minors, even with parental permission.
  • for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • for persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • if the customer is not sure about the chosen design.
  • if you have any skin problems.
The tattoo is for life (although modern technology says otherwise). We approach, very carefully and seriously, all matters affecting your wishes, our work, your and our safety, and the final result. Please read the material, prepared by us, in the section of the rules. This will be useful for both - those who are just planning their first tattoo and those who already have experience.
It all starts with an idea. After that, a pre-arranged consultation will be needed to agree on the design, details, workflow with the tattoo artist in person (see the “consultation” section).

● If you have any health problems, chronic illnesses, allergies, skin diseases, you must first consult a doctor or specialist about the possibility of receiving a tattoo service, in some cases even permission. (Prior consultation with a doctor is recommended, for example, if you have hemophilia, epilepsy, infectious diseases, eczema, psoriasis, acne, blood clotting disorders, etc.) The tattoo artist has the right to refuse the service due to visible skin or other health problems.

● Cover-up of tattoos is performed only in cases where the existing tattoo has been laser bleached or has almost disappeared over the years. Also, we do not continue the projects started by other artists (in such cases, we recommend contacting the artist who has started work). Our “no” to correcting/covering/continuing strangers' work is because it is both technically more complicated and cumbersome to create a compositionally correct design. In addition, each artist has his handwriting - the existing and the new tattoo can be very different. Also noteworthy is the fact that without laser whitening procedures, the old tattoo can be seen beneath the new one and is affected by previous colors or densely colored lines as well as scar tissue. But in any case, you can send a photo of the existing tattoo and ideas/examples you want to cover, then we can tell if we can help.

● If the tattoo is to be performed on a previously laser-bleached tattoo (cover-up), please consult a laser medical professional beforehand about the time allowed (after how many months) to perform the tattoo on this area of the body. As failure to comply may result in loss of quality, fade of color, skin becoming sensitive, etc. Lasers and their intensities vary, so time limits may vary too.

● It is advisable to schedule the tattooing process in such a way that it is possible to take care of the tattoo for at least the first week after receiving the service, avoiding direct sunlight, avoiding active sports, sweating in sauna/solarium, swimming pool, etc. (Sunbathing affects the health of tattoos and skin even after healing.)

● However, if the tattoo may be exposed to an unhygienic environment during healing, it should be protected (dermal film, clean cotton clothing, etc.).

● Hygienic, sanitary, and epidemiological requirements are met in the service premises, so the client's skin and clothes must be clean to avoid the risk of infection. If the tattooing process is planned after sports (sweat can irritate the skin) or after working in a dirty environment (eg dusty), it is recommended to clean first (because it is not recommended to do it immediately after tattooing) and change clothes.

● If you plan to complete the tattooing session late in the evening, or if you plan to go somewhere after that, it is important to purchase a tattoo care cream beforehand (see the “Tattoo Care” section).
When you have, at least, a rough vision of the tattoo you want, you should send ideas/examples (preferably the approximate size and placement, color or black & white) so that we know which of the tattoo artists is stylistically best for your job. Then we will be able to offer the closest available time for the consultation (we take appointments for consultations only remotely). However, leave the choice of the tattoo artist to us, as each design has its stylistics and specifics. We will always recommend the most suitable artist for the specific job. (For example, artist who works only on realistic projects does not make text or graphic tattoos, not because he does not know, but because another master specializes more in this type of work.) During the consultation, the artist will be able to tell you how much time will be needed to perform the tattoo and the total cost, as well as the time available for the tattooing session.

Tattoo designs are prepared only for the tattooing session, based on what was agreed in the consultation, so it is very important to discuss the details down to the finest nuances and ask questions if any! Don't be ashamed or afraid - ask! We are here to help you not to get lost in the information and to help with advice, to the best of intentions, and opportunities to achieve a great final result.

If, after consultation, the design created for the tattooing session is created by artist, but has not been turned into a tattoo, artist can use it at his or her discretion.

The artist may refuse to provide the service for various reasons, for example, if the client is unsure about the chosen design, or if consultations and screenings are postponed/canceled several times.

Consultations are free of charge if the appointment is made and a guarantee deposit is paid (see the section “costs”, “guarantee deposit”).

If you want to cover up your tattoo, send us a photo of the existing tattoo and the ideas/examples you want to cover it with, so we can tell you if we can do the job. (For more on repair/concealment, see the "Before the tattoo" section of the terms and conditions).

Please respect our work and time, as well as other clients' opportunities to receive the service faster, by cancelling/transferring the appointment in time for both the consultation and the tattooing session. Please arrive at the agreed time, only the person for whom the meeting is scheduled, unless an attendant is required. If you are late, please inform us.
The registration of the tattoo session is confirmed only after the deposit has been paid (from 80eur). The amount of the deposit is calculated according to the amount of work invested in the tattoo drawing. The artist will specify the amount of the deposit and cancellation terms during the consultation.

If the design needs to be redesigned on the day of the tattooing session because not all wishes or thoughts have changed during the consultation, the deposit is deducted as a fee for the consultation and the prepared design. Therefore, we invite you to think carefully about your ideas, wishes, gather thoughts, and inform in good time if you still want to change the design (in this case, it will be necessary to repeat the consultation to clarify the changes in person).

The guarantee deposit must be paid no later than one week before the tattoo session. If the registration for the tattoo session was made less than a week before, please inform us about the payment when paying the deposit. Otherwise, the tattoo session may be canceled without prior notice.

The tattoo session can be canceled or rescheduled no later than 2-3 working days before the session (for a part-time session: 2 working days, for a full-day session: 3 working days), otherwise, the deposit will be deducted. For cancellation or transfer of the registration, contact during the studio working hours (see by phone +371 67650049 or by writing to, or Instagram, Facebook profile pages.

The deposit can be used to pay for the service or, if another session is scheduled, leave it for the next time. The guarantee deposit form will be sent by the master after consultation.
• It is recommended that you do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before the session, as this may affect your health while receiving the service and cause bleeding.

• Go to bed, rest and make sure to eat beforehand, as this can also affect your health during and after receiving the service, as well as cause unwanted situations such as headaches, nausea, and even fainting.

• Choose clothes for the session that will not interfere with the tattooing process (and remember that colors may stain no matter how carefully we cover your clothes).

• If the session is scheduled for more than 3 hours, bring a snack. And if even less than 3 hours, a treat sometimes comes in handy.

• Please inform the master about feeling unwell, headaches, etc., so that no surprises occur in the process.

• If you have any skin or other health problems, talk to your doctor first.

• Do not sunbathe before the session, because then the skin is sensitive and we cannot work on sunburn.

• Smear the area of the body, where the tattoo is planned, with a moisturizing or nourishing skin cream a few days before the session - this can make the work process easier and improve healing.
The total cost depends on the chosen design, detail (complexity of the drawing), location, colors used (black & white or color), the time required to complete the work. Costs range from 110eur / hour. The minimum fee for small works is from 80eur. For example, a palm-sized design can take one or more hours of work, depending on the factors mentioned above. For larger projects, the duration of the tattoo session can be adjusted to your wishes and possibilities.

We can tell you the approximate costs if the idea/example is sent, but more precisely - during the consultation. Consultations are free of charge. The preparation of the design and the creation of the sketch is free of charge, unless the design needs to be redesigned, as well as in other cases. Payment for the service must be made immediately, in person, after receiving the service.
• The set includes a gift envelope and a greeting card, where you can write a wish for the gift recipient.
• Due to many reasons, gift cards have not been available with us since 2019 and we will not renew this system. BUT... we have created a solution for the presentation of the gift due to the great demand.
• Envelopes in limited quantity!
• * To purchase an envelope, you must send an application by writing a message to T.F. In Instagram, Facebook, e-mail or in the contact section of the website.
• Payment can only be made by bank transfer.
• It is possible to receive the envelope in the salon, after making the payment, by agreeing on a time in advance, as we only work by appointment (see the contact section of the website).
• If you can't come, we'll send it via parcel post.
• The price of the envelope is EUR 5 (incl. VAT).
*shipping by parcel post is not included in the price
Proper care of the tattoo during the healing process affects the quality of the tattoo after healing. Carelessness can affect the healing process, the duration of healing and cause complications - inflammation, scabs, redness, swelling, and, consequently, damage to the color of the tattoo and the final result. For the best possible result, please follow the recommendations below.

Always contact us if you have any questions, we will advise you on what to do in unforeseen situations.
We will be happy to receive a photo with tattoos that have already healed, either from your daily life or travels!
We can share your pictures to inspire, encourage or increase the work done by the artist.

● During the tattoo healing time, touch it only with clean hands.
● The film bandage, that was applied after tattooing should be kept for 3-4 hours. (If a dermal film is applied, it is easiest to remove it under running water, such as in the shower.) Do not reattach it.
● When removing the film bandage, gently wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and pH-neutral soap. (Make sure that the lymph, Vaseline, etc. are completely removed from the tattoo.) After washing, dry with a paper towel or a clean, lint-free cloth. Continue to wash the tattoo once a day.
● The tattoo should be lightly lubricated 3-5 times a day with a cream (depending on skin type). In Latvian pharmacies and abroad, Bepanthen Plus cream is good and easily available, or use a special one - intended for healing/care of tattoos.
● THE TATTOO SHOULD NOT BE DRY! Scabs, inflammation, and damage to the tattoo quality can occur if the tattoo becomes dry over an extended period of time.
● The healing process depends on the type of skin and other external factors. Healing takes +/- 5-7 days (sometimes longer). During these days, the tattoo should be smeared with cream.
● During the intensive healing process (first 5-7 days) do not go to the sauna, swim, exercise, sweat, and drink fermented alcohol. When taking a shower, try to moisten it as little as possible. If the tattoo is exposed to an unhygienic environment during the healing process, provide protection (eg, if the tattoo is on the forearm, at the wrist, and work is required on the computer, the table and the computer must be clean!)
● During the healing of the tattoo - do not scratch or peel, and do not rub it! It can cause infection, inflammation, redness, and color fading.
● If it is not possible to avoid contact of the tattoo with clothing during the healing process, choose cotton fabrics. (Ladies - if you have a tattoo on your leg, don't wear tights!)
● 3-4 weeks after the tattoo has healed, it is not advisable to expose it to direct sunlight or sunbathing in the solarium - this can cause an allergic reaction and bleach the pigment. Prolonged, frequent sun exposure can damage the quality of the tattoo, and the colours might become paler. SPF50 sunscreen should be used to reduce this risk.
• To prevent the tattoo pigment from losing brightness for years to come, we recommend using moisturizing or nourishing skincare products and always using the strongest sunscreens, or avoiding direct sunlight when in the sun or solarium. Any skincare/treatment, laser hair removal can affect the quality of the tattoo.

Recommendations and resources have been tested over time. Please contact the tattoo artist in case of any doubt.