Important information! Please read studio rules.


   We do not tattoo anyone:

  • Under 18, even if you have permission from your parents
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Not confident in chosen design
1. The Idea (artists are preparing designs based on customer’s wishes).
2. You need to send in your ideas, examples and pictures so we could pick artist that suits best for your chosen style.
3. Free of charge, previously arranged consultation is necessary to discuss everything about design. During consultation artist will be able to calculate approximate costs and arrange date and time for tattooing session.
4. Depending on design we will provide closest available dates.
5. Tattoo designs are prepared for tattooing session.Sample Description
Consultations are only on previously agreed time. To arrange appointment you need to send in your ideas, examples and pictures so we could pick artist that suits best for your chosen style.
Tattoo designs are prepared for tattooing session.
Appointment is generated only after 50 EUR for half-day session or 100 EUR, full day session, is left by bank transfer or in cash. If it is necessary to recreate design because artist is not informed about all needs during consultation deposit will be lost. Please responsively explain all your needs and focus your ideas during consultation so discussion with artist could be productive.

Please leave deposit not later than one week before appointment. If reservation is made less than a week before appointment, please send payment confirmation by e-mail, otherwise appointment will be canceled.

You can cancel or reschedule appointment not later than 3-5 working days before, ( 3 WORKING days - half-day session, 5 WORKING days - full day session) by calling +371 67650049 or by e-mail Otherwise deposit will not be refunded. Deposit for full day appointments is 100EUR.

Paying for the tattoo, the deposit amount is included in the total price. Drawings are prepared only for appointment date.
Total costs depends on chosen design, particularity, part of body, colored or black and gray. Rate is 90-100 Eur per hour. For instance palm size tattoo can take from one to several hours of work – everything depends on previously mentioned factors. Approximate costs can be calculated based on idea/picture/ example you have sent and to be clarified during consultation. Duration of tattooing process can be adjusted according to your possibilities and wishes. Minimal cost of small work is set from 50Eur - 70Eur.

Consultations are free of charge

Preparation of design and sketch is free of charge, exception is if design has to be remade and in other cases
-Have a good sleep
-Take a meal
-Choose clothing that is comfortable for you and will not interfere with the process of tattooing
-If process of tattooing is expected to be longer than 3 hours – take some snacks with you.
-Inform artist about any unpleasant feelings you may have (headache, nausea, etc.)
-Consult your doctor in case you have some skin or health problems
1. Keep the plastic wrap, that was applied after tattooing, on for 4 – 5 h.
2. After you have taken of the plastic wrap, wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. (The tattoo needs to be completely washed off of lymph, Vaseline, etc.) After washing it, dry it up with a paper towel or clean, non-fluffy cloth.
3. Apply with thin layer a healing cream immediately; (Pharmacies in Latvia and other countries carry the cream BEPANTHEN PLUS)
4. THE TATTOO CAN NOT BE DRY!!! The cream needs to be applied 4-5 times per day or whenever the tattoo becomes dry.
5. The healing process depends on the skin type and different environmental conditions (the tattooed skin heals approximately 5-7 days). During these days, the cream needs to be applied as often as possible.
6. During the healing process (5-7 days) DO NOT - use a bath house, swim, do sports, sweat intensively and use yeasty alcoholic beverages.
7. Wash a tattoo one time in the day (in evening)
8. It is advisable to take quick showers instead of lengthy ones to avoid getting the tattoo wet.
9.It is recommended to wear cotton clothes and avoid synthetic clothes during the tattoo healing period.
10. During the first 3 weeks after getting your tattoo, try to avoid direct sunlight and definitely avoid tanning beds. (This can cause the pigment to fade as well as cause an allergic reaction).
11. For the tattoo to keep its color and appearance during the next years, I recommend whenever you come into close contact with the sun or use a tanning bed, apply a sun block with the highest UV filter to it.

P.S. The recommendations and aids have been tested over a long time period. In case of uncertainty, ask your tattoo artist.