Founder of the “Tattoo Frequency” studio. Tattoo industry specialist/tattooist since 2006.

I have been studying academic knowledge in drawing since 2014 and painting since 2017 with the old masters. I believe that there is never too much knowledge and there is always room to strive, so I also draw and paint in my free time.

Also, the development and knowledge of tattooing materials, devices, and techniques are endless. In the field of tattooing, I like realism in both black & white and color. However, I prefer colorful projects. By blending and combining styles, I create individual designs for tattoos, adapting them to my handwriting.

In addition to drawing and tattooing, I am also a musician/composer, a fisherman, and a nature lover.

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I have been working in tattooing professionally since 2010. My favourite tattoo styles are realism – both colorful and black-and-white and very close – biomechanics. I do not give up on interesting ideas, which are created according to the individual wishes and needs of each client.

Outside of work, I am a musician/guitarist, I play in a group, as well as I am a part of a folk-dance group of dancers, also I am a passionate motorcyclist.

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I have enjoyed drawing since I was a child, and later I became interested in tattoos. I have been working with tattoos since 2013.

I prefer to do realistic work the best, but I also like to work for other styles. I am fascinated by mixing different styles, for example, to combine a realistic image with abstract details, thus creating interesting, personalized designs.

My hobby is off-road racing, off-road driving.

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Uldis paulins tattoo frequency- riga-apgr


I have been a tattoo artist since 2008. From my gained experience in tattooing and drawing, I have a vision of what a tattoo should look like to be able to withstand the test of time and remain as high quality as possible, not only technically, but also stylistically. Sifting through transient styles and tattoo trends, I have returned to the classic values of modern performance, which over time have proven to be durable and everlasting.

Beside the work I am a fisherman.



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