Free WiFi in studio
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Free WiFi in studio


30. november, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends!

From the new year till summer I will work in a different format. I will prepare photoshop custom designs and first examples will be posted starting from january. This working model of creativity I will try to promote till summer, maybe longer:)
Of course, if customer will come with ideas, that approx. fit to my realism style, there is a bigger possibility that we will work. I would be glad for your understanding. 


The image is being corrected so that proportionaly fit selected part of the body.


I will recomend the most appropriate dimensions and new designs will be placed on most suitable body location.


Each design is unique, it will never be repeated. I will not do cover-ups, corrections, modifications or combination of my works with another artists creations.


If you will continue, merge, combine or any other corrections of my works by another artist, there is a big possibility that our cooperation will not be possible in future without any explainations.


P.S. Keep calm! Of course if you come with an idea which speaks up and approximately accommodates combination of elements of my style there is a great chance that we will cooperate.


Maris Pavlo

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends!